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Rationale - Why do I need to know Math Facts?

It is possible to do complex math problems without having automatic recall of addition and multiplication facts, but it is much harder because of the way our brain works.  When we are solving a problem we are keeping information stored in our working memory, and our working memory is limited.  If you are having to pause repeatedly to find a multiplication fact, you cannot concentrate on understanding the problem.  There have been many studies that show students are much more successful in math if they have their addition and multiplication facts memorized.

Math 7


Math 8



Math 9

-Page 370-372, Due Monday, April 10th

A - 1 to 6

B - 7, 12, 15

C - 13, 14, 19


Science 7



Science 8



Science 9

- Completion dates for Chemistry

Feb. 10th  - Section 1, Quiz 1, Vocab 1

Mar. 3rd - Section 2, Quiz 2, Vocab2

Mar. 10th - Section 3, Quiz 3, Vocab3

Mar. 14th - Unit Final

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