Programs At Indus School

Accelerated Reader - Mrs. Potter

The Accelerated Reader program, produced by Renaissance Learning, has been a part of our literacy program for many years.  Students take periodic placement tests which determine the range of difficulty that will provide optimal challenge for each child.  Students then read books from within their zone, and answer a short quiz to determine their comprehension and retention of the story.  This structured practice maximizes reading development.

Child Development Adviser - Mrs. Wood

Some students have difficulties organizing their time, getting along with peers, or dealing with the myriad of events that fill their lives.  Our CDA works with students to help them deal with the social and emotional aspects of their lives.

Math Continuum

In keeping with the idea of optimal challenge, students at Indus, starting at Grade 7, may move into a Math class a year or more in advance of their regular grade.  By doing this, students are able to develop their skills and reap the benefits of advanced work and conversations.

Band - Mrs. Istchenko & Fine Arts -Mrs. Hart

Starting in Grade 5, students have the option of pursuing either Band or Graphic Arts.  With two classes per week, along with home practice, our students quickly progress in the Fine Arts.

Learning Supports - Mrs. Beal

Students who are struggling, particularly in the key areas of literacy and numeracy, will receive accommodations and extra attention from their classroom teachers.  If that is not enough to overcome the difficulties, we have a range of in-class, pull-out or modified class support options.  While it is not always possible to do so, it is our goal to help students meet grade expectations as early as possible, and to continue to do so throughout their time at Indus.

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