Allergy Policy

In August of 2009, Indus School became a nut free school.  Due to life threatening allergies, no one may bring any type of peanut or other nuts, or products containing any peanuts or other nuts (or derivatives such as oil) into the school. Further to this end, students are not permitted to share lunches.

Since then, we have changed our wording to Nut Aware, but it still means no nuts or peanuts, or products that may contain them, in the school.


Being Nut Aware means you are:


  • Aware that nut allergies can cause serious and can kill
  • Aware that some of our students have life threatening nut allergies
  • Aware that it is everyone’s right to be safe at school
  • Aware of the signs and of anaphylaxis, and what to do if you see it
  • Aware that great alternatives exist, see the our Library Page for a some ideas
  • Aware of our rules:


    • no foods that do or may contain any elements of peanuts or tree nuts are permitted at Indus School
    • foods for sharing (celebrations, etc) among classes with students who have allergies must be prepared in nut free facilities (sorry, that usually means no home cooking)

It is everyone's responsibility to help keep all of our students safe.  Nuts can kill; keep them out of the school.

Parents of any child with allergies must inform the office and provide appropriate, up to date, medication in case of exposure.  While we make every effort to to keep students from being exposed to allergens, we can not guarantee it will never occur.


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