Supporting 21st Century Learners

How Does Indus School Support 21st Century Learners?

The 21st Century Learner is much like the first pioneers who settled in Canada’s west.  They face great challenges, but have the opportunity of incredible pay-off if they are successful.  To help our students develop the skills, knowledge and attributes they will need, Indus School has attempted to combine the best of the traditional approaches with the latest cutting-edge strategies.

Digital age literacy starts right in Kindergarten when the students start learning their letters.  The strong reading and writing foundation that is developed through direct instruction and regular reinforcement in our primary grades, is built upon throughout the elementary and middle years.  Across the curriculum, students are taught to gather information through the new literacies: scientific, visual, economic, technological, and multicultural.  Global awareness is fostered in Social Studies classes and through social responsibility projects like Spread the Net.

Another component of 21st Century Learning is inventive thinking.  Teaching students strategies for divergent thinking, organizing information, and critically assessing arguments, takes place across the curriculum and has a special place in our Philosophy for Children program.

Interpersonal skills are the backbone of our school’s new behavior framework, ROARS.  Expectations for each of the components of this acronym, Respect, Ownership, Attitude, Responsibility, and Safety, are taught directly and contextually.  Knowing and meeting those expectations will give our students the ability to function effectively with others.

A final area of focus for 21st Century Learners is high productivity.  From the early use of daily agendas, to our One to One computer program for students in Grade 6 and older, students are constantly being taught to manage their time and use the modern tools of productivity to enhance their learning.

From traditional values, to cutting edge technology, Indus School strives to find the most effective ways to arm students with the tools they will need to, as our forbearers did in the past, meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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