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Our School

Alberta Education (APOS) Survey

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Indus Christmas - Arranged and recorded by Kelly (Jay) Fordham

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Enrolment: 197

School Playbook (Reflection and Goals for the School)


Indus School as a collective body consisting of students, parents, staff members, and support agencies:

  • is a 21st century learning environment.
  • ensures the basic physical, social, and emotional needs of all are met.
  • broadens students’ horizons through diverse experiences.


The purpose of Indus School is to build in students a multifaceted personal foundation to carry them successfully through life.


At Indus School We Value:

Accomplishment – seeing something through to completion

Adventure - exciting, delight–filled experience

Community – contributing to the good of all

Creativity – working or thinking in unique ways

Hard Work – putting in the best effort possible

Honesty – being truthful in words and actions

Joy – happiness that permeates all aspects of life

Respect – giving a sense of importance to self, others, and property

Service – sacrificing personal time and effort for others

Spirit – the essential, positive, and resilient character of an individual and community

Indus Christmas - our very own Christmas Song

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